“I found your book quite enjoyable, I think it can be a great tool for fathers to increase their engagement with their children.”
- Sean Fisher, Middle School Principal

“I love this book! You're an amazing writer!"
- Ahmed Harper, Father of a newborn  

"Dad," he said, "This book (Daddy! ...Can YOU Hear Me?) makes me appreciate you more; and it makes me want to be a better son."  
- Andrew C. (teen son's words to his dad)

"Daddy! ... Can You Hear Me? is an amazing book!"   
- Sterling Austin, a young dad
"I'm in my mid-twenties, and I'm still trying to connect with my dad, because he wasn't there for me when I was young. When I handed "Daddy! ...Can YOU Hear Me???" to my dad he wasn't very happy to receive it. Then something happened as he began to read the poems. Tears filled his eyes." 
- Daddy's Big Girl

“The messages of faith, hope, healing and love have a powerful effect in Daddy, Can You Hear Me??? Of all the Leep4Joy Books, perhaps this is the one that will have the greatest impact upon families. ‘May the healing begin!’” 

Dr. J. Holley, Pastor, Father, grandfather

“This beautiful poetry is indeed, poetry that will reach millions of people, because it has reached me. I am deeply moved and touched by these beautiful poems.” 

Charles Hart, Bassist, songwriter, producer, father of two, 4 grandchildren

“Daddy! Can You Hear Me??? will help men who are disconnected from their children. Through it you can gain insight into what your child may have experienced while you were apart. Use this book to help you think, process and act in ways that will help your child grow to become the person that he or she was meant to be. And you will grow through this process too.”  

- John Fort, Male/Female Involvement and Parent Coordinator   Father of five

“Patrice Lee has a strong message to fathers that I think every father should read. It doesn’t matter if you have great relationships with your children or if those relationships are strained. Her writings will inspire and challenge. They will comfort and, in some cases, convict. I find her literary style engaging as well as thought provoking. I recommend this book to anyone with a heart. I was deeply touched by her presentation.”

Bobby Ray Ivory, Jr, CEO of IvoryCoast Media, 3 adult children

“I believe, and I am thoroughly convinced that this book of poems is a game changer. It asks probing questions of the reader, as it introduces related scriptures for guidance, while eliciting a heartfelt and truthful response that only the reader can answer. We can lie to others (who may not always perceive the truth about us), but, we can never lie to our own spirit. Though absent from many homes, fathers still hold the position of head of the home as ordained by God. Let Daddy! Can You Hear Me??? change your life.”

Raymond L. Ford, Elder, Lutheran Church, Father

​“Mommy, Are You Listening???” is a delightful book for Mommies with much needed, Bible-based advice. This, mixed with thought provoking "tweets" about what the babies and children could be thinking on their journey from infancy to adulthood, makes for a very delightful and good read.”

Delores "Mom" Winans