Patrice A. Lee

Why Leep4Joy Books?

Our goal is to impact the lives of youth by encouraging them to love life.

Bullying is a growing problem facing our youth today. Click the button below to receive information on how to rise above your bully.

Full of hope, healing and love, Leep4Joy Books are designed to promote wellness of mind; social/emotional healing. Our Reader's Favorite, 5-star books are in schools and homes throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Leep4Joy Books build vocabulary, list new words/word definitions, review questions and activities for the whole family.


A survivor of workplace bullying, Patrice Lee, reaches out to parents, children, teens and adults with a message of faith, hope, healing and love, and considers it a privilege to share positive ways to handle bullying. Prayer and her personal relationship with Jesus were keys to her survival. She conducts parent workshops and speaks to classrooms and student assemblies on ways to avoid the negative effects of bullying.


Patrice is also available for speaking engagements and workshops.