"Thank you for "Happy To Be Me!" Our little Jordan received your book, “Happy To Be Me!” on Friday night, and had read it at least five times by Saturday evening."  

- Theresa H., Firefighter

"My 9 year old granddaughter is hooked on "Happy To Be Me!" She couldn't sleep the other night, so she read the book to me. The next day, she insisted on taking it with her to her hair appointment. Thanks for your contribution to her better 'mental health."  

- B. Bryant, Retired teacher

"Little Jordan got the book “Happy To Be Me!” on Friday night, and by Saturday evening

she had read it at least five (5) times."  

- Theresa H., Grandmother​​

It's About the "BOYS!" is narrated by Danny and Kenny, who share their journey from boyhood-to-manhood. 

Benjamin’s dad demonstrates "unconditional love" and touches the heart of the bully who attacked his own son.


The companion coloring book for "Happy To Be Me!" reinforces the joy of being happy.

"The artwork is very colorful and the story is easy to read. I think children will love it."  

- Bob I., parent and "Paw Paw"

See how one happy little girl is able to overcome bullying through obeying her parents.  

"My grandson brings me this book “The Bully Met My Dad!” every night, and says, 'I want to hear the story about Benjamin!"

M. Posey, Principal

"Thank you for what you do for children. Today I read your book to a group of first graders. Oh how they loved your book, “The Bully Met My Dad!” It's timely. It's just what they need." 

- Lena Bembery, T.O.P. Coordinator, UAW Region 1A

"Your vision and talent are of such great benefit to our children and our community.”

Millie Hall, President – Coalition of Labor Union Women

The companion coloring book to "Let's LOVE One Another" by Patrice Lee is a coloring book that reinforces the importance of being kind.

"Fit"-not-"Fat" is about a  young girl who made a decision to lose weight. This book helps children understand that they can, with determination, accomplish anything.

Love is felt by all as children from different ethnic groups play/work together in the most loving way.

PreK – 3rd Grade page

This book is about animals and the interesting things they do. For children ages 3 to 10 years.

Leep4Joy PreK – 3rd grade resources are more than a picture book.  These books have word definitions, fill-in-the-blanks and lessons learned, to help children grow through the years.

In "It's Just a "Circumstance," children are very resilient. Sharing valuable lessons for a happy life.