• Understand the bully's motives
  • Build a support team
  • Stay informed  

Bullying is a growing problem facing our youth today. 

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See what other dads have said about "Daddy! . . .Can YOU Hear Me???"

In every age group from every nation, from all walks of life, both great and small, there is an outcry from children to connect with their fathers.  They connect in “Daddy! …Can YOU Hear Me???”


-  5 steps to avoid burn out
-  100 ways to praise your child
-  Helps moms balance work & home
-  Words of wisdom from 10 moms
-  Enough humor to keep your smiling all day


Did you know that you can prevent bullying from happening to you by using our resources as a guide to help you?

A Very Special Message for Parents Only on Bully Me? ...Oh No!!! from the author: 

At a recent event, I shared a table with three young volunteers, who happened to be sisters, between 11 and 16 yrs. old.  The oldest sibling, Shelly, picked up my Teen book, "Bully Me? ...Oh No!!!" and began to read it.  When her dad came by the table a few minutes later, she asked energetically, "Dad, can you get me this book?"  He didn't respond.  The second time he came by, she asked again.  He gave no response.  

As time passed, Shelly shared, "I really like the way you write. I'm on page 26," and kept reading Bully Me?...Oh No!!! For some reason she was drawn to this book, and couldn't put it down.  This time when her dad came near the table, I spoke to him and said, "Dad, your daughter really likes this book."  Though he hesitated, he purchased "Bully Me? ...OH NO!!!" for her. The girls later shared that a classmate at school had just committed suicide a few weeks prior.  Let's help our children prepare for the real issues they're facing today. Since they're experiencing bullying and losing classmates to bully-related suicide deaths, we have to talk about it.

"Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6

Positive parenting helps create. . .


- A resource for Dads (children 10 years and up) 
- Endorsed by dads and grand dads
- Poetry that is Powerful, relevant, real!

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