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This companion coloring book to "Let's LOVE One Another!" by Patrice Lee that encourages kindness. This coloring book includes interactive activities. Ages: 6 and up.


Are you the one who always gets bullied?  Just follow the steps in this little book; and choose to live "bully-free." Includes bonus book:  Unconditional "Bully-Love."  Ages: 8 and up. 


I 'Like' Who I Am ...I 'Love' Being Me

The companion coloring book for "Happy To Be Me!" by Patrice Lee, highlights the joy of being happy, with interactive activities that focus on happiness. Ages: 6 and up. 


"Tips” & “Tools” shares 10 symptoms to help you identify a bullied child before a crisis; 7 text and cyber bullying safety tips; 10 tips on how to respond to a bullied child, more. Has daily tips with workbook.


A Pandemic Response

Animals live a happy, carefree life.  Humor and rhyming teasers help children identify animals and the interesting things they do.  Colorful illustrations, w/workbook to keep children engaged. Ages: 3 -10 years.


“Let's Love One Another!”

Your gracious gift of $150.00 will benefit up to 10 families.

“Daddy! ...Can You Hear Me???”

You Can Help Children "live life happy." Here's how:

It's About the "BOYS!" is narrated by Danny, and his friend Kenny, who share what's best for their left-brain way-of-thinking. They stay busy in a good way, and enjoy living life. K- 5th grades.


It's Just a “Circumstance”

Here's a book every mom can relate to. With poetic verse, baby tweets and more, “Mommy, ...Are You Listening???” shares ways to de-stress from the pressures of life with humor, poems and words of wisdom from 10 wonderful moms. Much love for moms and grandmothers too.


...Need help protecting your child from dangerous apps, video games and bullies?  You can parent with confidence and spend quality time with your child, get through a pandemic and everyday life using the techniques from Mom, Dad, ...Can We Talk??? A parent guide w/ workbook.


Pre-Teen - Adult

*A resource for dads that opens the door for better communication with their children/teens/ preteens. Life-changing poetry that is powerful, relevant, real! Impacting families in a positive way. "Daddy! ...Can You Hear Me???" is endorsed by dads, granddads, and teens too. 


Children's Illustrated Books: Pre-K to 3rd Grade

“I Like Who I Am I Love Being Me!” companion coloring book is a wonderful complement to our readers' favorite book, "I Like Who I Am I Love Being Me!" It's interactive with language arts and more, for children to adults, age 6 and up.


Full of rhyme and rhythm, "Fit"-not-"Fat" is a true story about a little girl who lacked discipline in eating.  When she lost weight and became fit, it changed her life forever. An illustrated, multi-cultural book to conquer childhood obesity. K-4th grades.


“Bully Me?…NO MORE!!!” is a resource for parents and children offering positive and reassuring principles to help children prepare for life’s challenges. Complete w/workbook. Grades: 3 – 7.


"I've Got a Circumstance! ...But I'm Gonna Be Just Fine" helps children understand the adversities of life.  From a natural disaster to a pandemic, children demonstrate resilience as they learn to adjust, adapt, and live above the circumstances in their lives. Ages: 6 to adult   


Benjamin's dad demonstrates "kindness" and touches the heart of the bully who attacked his son. This changes the bully's life forever. Children love it. Reader’s Favorite book. PreK-4th grade.


Grades 3 - Young Adult

“Tips and Tools”

“How to Overcome Every Obstacle and Land on Top”

Are you overwhelmed by the storms of life?  You can overcome any adversity or challenge if you follow the eight steps outlined in this little book; with 26 minor adjustments to help you stay on top.


“Bully Me? . . .Oh NO!!!”

En "Bully me?. . .NO MÁS!!!" tu hijo aprenderá cómo parar los efectos negativos del bully antes de que las emociones no puedan controlarse. Escrito para estudiantes de 3ero a 7mo grado que han sido acosados o que tienen miedo de ser atacados. "Bully Me?. . .NO MÁS!!!" es aprobado por Brenda High, fundadora del BullyPolice.org.



In "It's Just a Circumstance" multi-color children demonstrate resilience with great attitudes, until each circumstance turns around. Children learn valuable lessons for life. Illustrated, with poetic verse for ages.  K-4th grade.



I 'Like' Who I Am ...I 'Love' Being Me Coloring Book

I've Got a CIRCUMSTANCE! ...But I'm Gonna Be Just Fine

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Grades 3- 7

Happy To Be Me! Coloring Book

“Como superar cada obstaculo y llegar a la cima”

It's About "The BOYS!" Coloring Book

¿Están latiendo las tormentas de la vida en tu camino? Puedes superar cualquier adversidad o desafío que se presente, siguiendo los ocho pasos que se describen en este libro.


“Bully Me?…NO MORE!”

“The Bully Met My Dad!”

“Bully me?…¡no màs!”

“Happy To Be Me”

With more than 200 affirmations {encouraging words}, your teens will learn to love themselves, have respect, and appreciate others too. Teens will gain confidence, learn to laugh at their mishaps, and refuse to have another embarrassing moment w/peers. Helps teens grown into mature adults. Ages: 10 to adult. 


​​Add "a little joy to your life" with a

Leep4Joy Book!

Mom, Dad, ...Can We Talk???


It's About "The BOYS!"

The companion coloring book to our boys' collection of favorite books “It’s About the BOYS!” because it really is about the boys. It reinforces that boys are smart, helpful, and like to have fun. Interactive with language arts and more for children ages 6 and up.


Don't Be a Victim, "Be Bully-Free"

Author-and-poet, Patrice Lee, captures a glimpse of the new decade--2020--in retrospect, of life before "coronavirus," and the way we live life today; effects of the shutdown; working from home while home schooling, election stress, and more. Presented in poetic verse.  Will stimulate and encourage meaningful family conversations, ...because we all need to heal. Ages: 7 to adult 


Will you help us save lives? It's Never Too Early Only Too Late {non-profit} donates books to schools and to at-risk children/youth. Please donate today. Your gift of any amount {$5, $10, $25, $100} can make a difference.  Thank you.

Let's Love One Another Coloring Book 

Love is felt by all, when children from each ethnic group play together and work as a team. Let’s Love One Another, by Patrice Lee, demonstrates a world w/neighbors who show kindness and love. PreK-2nd grade


Little Onya wakes up "happy" every morning, and goes to bed "happy" every night.  One day she meets someone who is not-so-very-nice, but, Onya knows just what to do to. One great theme - on happiness. One happy ending. A picture book with workbook, for children. PreK-2nd grade.


“Mommy, Are You Listening???”