"Happy to Be Me!" is about one happy little girl, Onya, who encounters a bully.  Read about her incredible response and see why she went to bed happy.

~ One precious little girl 
~ One great theme 
~ One happy ending

“Daddy! ...Can You Hear Me???”

“Tips” & “Tools” shares 10 symptoms to help you identify a bullied child before a crisis, provides 14 text and cyber bullying safety tips, shares 10 tips on how to respond effectively to a child who may have been bullied, and has tools to keep you strong.

“Bully Me?…¡No MÁS!”



“Bully Me? . . .Oh NO!!!”

*A resource for dads,  children, teens. 

 Endorsed by dads and grand dads. 
 Poetry that is powerful, relevant, real! 

 Impacting families in a positive way. 

With more than 200 encouraging words, your son or daughter will learn to love themselves more, and respect and appreciate others too. As they read, they will learn to laugh at their own mishaps, and refuse to have another embarrassing moment with their peers.

Un recurso para los padres, los ninos, y los adolescentes para combatir el acoso escolar.

“Let's Love One Another!”

Benjamin's dad demonstrates "unconditional love" and touches the heart of the bully who attacked his son, and changes the bullies life forever.  This is one irresistible book on love.  PreK - 4th grade.

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“Tips and Tools”

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“How to Overcome Every Obstacle and Land on Top”

“Como superar cada obstaculo y llegar a la cima”

“Happy to be Me”

No matter how old your children are, if you’re a Mom, you can relate to this book. “Mommy, Are You Listening???” is filled with humor and love.

The spirit of love is felt by all, when children from every ethnic group come together to play and work as a team in Let’s Love One Another, for in their world love is unconditional, and has no boundaries.  

“Mommy, Are You Listening???”

“Bully Me?…NO MORE!”

“The Bully Met my Dad!”

“Bully Me?…NO MORE!!!,” (grades 3 – 7) is a resource for parents and children offering positive and reassuring principles for you to share with your children to help prepare them for life’s challenges.

Are you overwhelmed by the storms of life?  You can overcome any adversity or challenge if you follow the eight steps outlined in this little book; with 26 minor adjustments to help you stay on top.

¿Están latiendo las tormentas de la vida en tu camino? Puedes superar cualquier adversidad o desafío que se presente, siguiendo los ocho pasos que se describen en este libro.