"This prolific writer impacts the lives of children and teens with inspirational guidance, and fills her books with hope, healing, and love to help them "live life happy" as they overcome social challenges. As a parent she focuses on ways to overcome challenges by the virtues of morality, integrity and merit."  
- David Head

"Patrice Lee's books are something that all children should have in their library.  My family is fortunate to have "It's About the Boys!" My boys want to read it every day.  Not only does my oldest boy read it to his baby brother, they fight over who gets it first.  Thank you, Ms. Patrice."
- Delisa Beavers  

“Though I talked to my daughters every day, I was not aware of my oldest daughter’s suicidal thoughts. Three days after I gave my daughter your Teen Resource, ‘Bully Me? ...Oh No!!!’ she came to me and said, ‘Mom! Thank you so much for this book. You didn’t know it, but, I was thinking about committing suicide. Reading this book changed my mind/life.”
- Donnella, MI​​

“Thank you for inspiring children through your writing.”
- Helyn 

"Thank you for what you do for children. Today I read your book to a group of first graders. Oh how they loved your book, “The Bully Met My Dad!” It's timely. It's just what they need." 
- Lena Bembery, T.O.P. Coordinator, UAW Region 1A

  • Creating safe environments for children and youth
  • Raising self-esteem, not bullies
  • Changing lives, one book at a time
  • Helping children "live life happy”  

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for writing this book!!!"       
- J. Leach, Counselor                       

“The message you are sending to children and parents plays a very important role in forming a better functioning society of young leaders, doctors, and conscious thinkers, who will play crucial roles in future societies. Thanks for being such a strong trailblazer! Sending prayers your way.”
- Sonya D. Scott, OH

Here's What People Are Saying About Leep4Joy Books...

We often donate books to families who can't afford to purchase them.  Your donation helps us do that.  All donations to "It's Never Too Early Only too Late" non-profit are tax deductible.

“In "I like who I am I Love Being Me!" the message comes through so beautifully, to ‘love yourself as you are.’ And the illustrations are just so marvelous.  I’ve already read the book twice, and I look forward to reading it over and over again.”
- C. O’Flaherty, Retired Teacher

Positive books and resources for a positive outlook on life

“Excellent Work! I started reading your book last night, and couldn’t put it down. Just, this minute completed “How to Overcome Every Obstacle and Land on Top.” It is marvelous. I am happy and peaceful inside and out. You have great talent.” 
- S.J.W, Retired, President, AFL-CIO

"Thank you for "Happy To Be Me!" Our little Jordan received your book, “Happy To Be Me!” on Friday night, and had read it at least five times by Saturday evening."

- Theresa H., Firefighter

Make a donation, get a tax deduction

"You have a message that the world needs to hear.  I want these books for my children and grandchildren."   

- Maxine Jaggers Adams